What a difference it can make!

Without Compost

These two identical basil plants were side by side in an outdoor garden, this one in the native soil....

With Compost

This one was planted in the same soil, but with 25% compost added to the native soil.

Rick, Hannibal NY

“This was the only fertilizer I used, and I got the best peppers yet! The yield was extraordinary. The next year I put nothing on the garden, and didn’t have anywhere near as many peppers as the previous year.”

Alice, Wolcott NY

“When people ask how I got the plants to look so good, I tell them it’s your compost”

Dawn, Ontario NY

“We’ve used Fern Hill’s compost on our vegetables, as well as in the potting soil of our houseplants. The results are always wonderful! Looking forward to adding it to the flowerbeds in the spring.”

Phil, Liverpool NY

“My garden produced the most tomatoes ever!”