Does Organic Gardening Really Differ from Regular Gardening?

With most aspects, organic gardening is not much different than regular gardening. Just like regular gardening, organic gardening requires you to plan your garden layout, plan what plants you will use, and prepare the land. However, there are a few differences in organic gardening that you should be aware of, especially if you plan to make an attempt to try it out this gardening season.

One of the main differences between organic gardening and regular gardening is found with the materials you use to nourish your plants. With regular gardening, items like fertilizers and pesticides are used. These are effective in helping plant growth for the planting season, but after years of continued use, chemical fertilizers can break down the soil’s composition, making planting more difficult. Additionally, pesticides will require you to wash your vegetables thoroughly before eating them, and sadly, this does not guarantee that you will not be ingesting harmful chemicals.

Organic gardening, however, uses the elements of Mother Nature to care for your garden. In place of fertilizers, you use things like mulch, compost, wood chips, grass cuttings, saw dust, and leaves. These items will break down over time and nourish your garden and the soil that your plants will grow in the following year.

While you can place these items directly on your garden, it does take time for these items to break down. Many gardeners choose to place these items in a compost pile. A compost pile can be made up of anything that is natural and will break down into nutrients. This can include vegetable scraps and even manure. Starting your compost early can help ensure that you have ready-to-use nutrients for your plants to help them grow this season.

Another difference between organic gardening and regular gardening is the lack of pesticides involved. Many gardeners become worried that by spraying or dusting their produce, they will not be able to remove all of the pesticides. This means that the pesticides can make their way into the digestive system. Pesticides have been linked to numerous health conditions and this is the main reason that organic gardeners choose to steer clear of these chemicals.