Tools You’ll Need for Your Spring Garden

Spring is here, and you know what that means! It’s time for gardening. Any gardening project can be a highly rewarding project. However, if this is your very first garden, you may not be familiar with the types of tools you need. Learning about the basic tools you need can increase your chances of having a successful garden the first time around.

Know What You Need Before You Start

Before you purchase any gardening tools, you need to consider the size of your lawn, the size of your garden, and the types of items you will be planting. These factors will determine the types of tools that you will need for your specific project.

Tools that Will Always Come in Handy

If you are going to be planting a garden that will need regular weeding, it is essential that you purchase a weeder. Weeders can remove weeds quickly and easily so that you don’t have to spend hours breaking your back or risk leaving behind any roots. These are designed with two-part prongs that are placed between the weed and root, and then you can press down on the handle and pull the weed out.

A garden scoop is important if you will be planting bulbs inside of soft soil or using planters within your garden. This allows you to quickly and easily move soil or potting mix from one place to the other. Also, a pressed fork is a three-pronged garden tool that is used for cultivating and weeding. It rakes the surface of soft soil, and then pulls out small or surface-rooted weeds.

You’ll also need a soil knife, which looks very similar to a kitchen knife. It can be used for planting seeds and bulbs in a small hole or narrow area. Examples would be areas close to walls or close to garden barriers. Additionally, you’ll need a trowel, which looks very similar to a small shovel. Trowels are amazing tools for digging, potting, repotting, and planting.

All of these tools are valuable items for cultivating your garden. Just keep in mind that any garden tools you purchase should be made of stainless steel to prevent rusting and to increase the longevity of use. Stock up on these basic supplies and you’ll be ready to go this spring.

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