Founder and Owner of Fern Hill Compost, Peter Spalding, has proudly announced the grand opening of his new e-commerce sales and distribution Internet website,

Compost provides gardeners with organic, environmentally friendly, safe, and chemically balanced soil amendment. The process utilized by Fern Hill Compost is aerated static pile composting with periodic re-mixing. This is a managed process that takes months to complete, but the benefits can clearly be seen in the quality of the finished product.

Introducing compost into the soil enhances any garden, tree, shrub, turf, or houseplant. Properly manufactured compost can transform poor soil into nutrient rich black loam, making it useable for planting. It can loosen dense clay soils, allowing plants to experience better root penetration, increase the soil’s ability to retain water, and add valuable slow-release nutrients that the plant needs to grow. Fern Hill Compost takes organic matter and coverts it into the form of a high quality soil amendment containing valuable nutrients, and is free of weed seeds, pathogens, and heavy metals.

Spalding points out that the process used to create most commercially available compost is the “turned windrow” method. This method takes longer, is energy intensive, is unable to sustain aerobic conditions, often does not achieve pathogen-kill temperatures, and due to it taking place outdoors, often suffers from inoculation by wind-born weed seeds. Fern Hill Compost uses covered concrete cells with forced aeration built into the floors.  “What we do,” Spalding says, “is create an environment where the naturally occurring aerobic bacteria can thrive to efficiently convert the raw organic material into compost. This aerobic digestion generates enough heat to raise pile temperatures to over 150 degrees Fahrenheit, which effectively pasteurizes it.”

The other key element to the success of Fern Hill Compost is the feed stock for the composting process. ” We use only the stall cleanings from horses. I run a container service for select equine operations, and pick up manure weekly to feed into the compost facility” Spalding says.

For more information about the best composting product available, you can find the Fern Hill Compost Products web page at You may also contact retailers such as Regional Market in Syracuse, Ontario Orchards in Oswego, Wayside Farms in Wolcott, Grandpa’s Nursery in Sodus, Sunshine Produce in Fulton, and Adirondack Mulch and Stone in Ontario. Dealer inquiries are also welcomed.

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